Blast One Soda Blasting Suppliers


Looking for a Soda Blasting supplier? Why not try Blast One Soda Blasting.

Some of the products offered by Blast One Soda include:

  • Abrasive blast equipment for surface preparation
  • abrasives
  • books/training manuals
  • coating inspection equipment
  • engineered systems
  • lead paint removal equipment
  • painting
  • robotic blasting
  • rentals of equipment
  • speciality application tools
  • safety equipment
  • site equipment



Soda Blast NT

blaster1Sodablast NT is a soda blasting specialist based in Darwin, providing a professional mobile service throughout the Northern Territory.

The company specialises in the mining, automotive, marine and industrial industries to clean anything from cars to boats, trailers, masonry,glass and even wood.

If you’re looking to remove mould, paint, oil and grease, varnish and lacquers, glue and bitumen, Soda Blast NT can help.

Given our busy lives, the mobile soda blasting services just makes sense, allowing you to clean and de-coat surfaces in just one step.

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West Coast Soda Blasting

sodablastingA really cool process for stripping and cleaning your boats, walls, trucks, trailers or anything else is soda blasting. This technique used bicarbonate of soda for blasting instead of other harmful materials that were used in the past.

This process is now better for the environment and your vehicle/item.

One of the most convenient ways of surface blasting is mobile blasting services, where the contractor comes to you.

West Coast Soda Blasting is one of the companies that specialises in this. This solution is effective, safe and eco-friendly for anyone in Perth looking for surface blasting services.

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Soda Blast Australia

sodablast ausSoda Blast Australia is contractor based in Agnes Banks, NSW. The company are experienced soda blasting professionals.

Still wondering what Soda Blasting is?

According to Soda Blast Australia, soda blasting is the same process as abrasive blasting where media is propelled via compressed air onto the surface to be cleaned.

The difference is that only bicarbonate of soda is used as the blasting media instead of traditional abrasives.

The Bicarbonate of Soda used is made for blasting and is larger than what is normally found in household kitchens, enabling it to easily strip paint and contaminants. The surface is also cleaned at the same time. 

It also has the benefit of being environmentally friendly.

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Aztex Sodablast – Mobile Blasting Service

boat sandblastingAztex Soda Blast is a Sydney based soda blasting company that offers mobile soda blasting services.

Soda blasting is the preferred means of blasting because its cleaner and easier on the environment, it is also more advanced, unlike sand, grit or glass bead blasting.

Whether you need service at home, at your building site or the marina, Aztex Soda Blast comes to you in their specially designed vehicle.

For more specialised applications, work is done at their premises in Seven Hill.

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Northern Rivers Soda Blasting

sandblastingSoda Blasting is the revolutionary, somewhat new cleaning/stripping technology that is a non-destructive abrasive that eliminates toxic chemicals and if you’re looking for a specialist in Northern Rivers, Northern Rivers Soda Blasting are the experts.

The company boasts a Buster Blaster Mobile soda blasting unit, which is a world first machine and  the only patented soda blasting pot. 

Using baking soda exclusively, there is no need for flow additives which are known to create dust and a huge mess to clean up.

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Sydney Soda Blasting Specialists

If yoAbrasive-blasting-Campbells-Creek-480x480u’re looking for expert soda blasting specialists in the Sydney, NSW area, DK Soda blasting is one of the leaders.

Soda blasting uses sodium bicarbonate blasted onto a surface using compressed air removing paint, grease, carbon, etc without damaging the area below.

Unlike other abrasive techniques, this method does not damage the underlying surface like other methods such as sand blasting.

These are the surfaces that can be soda blasted,

  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Stone and Brick
  • Glass and Fiberglass
  • Wood
  • Plastics
  • Bearings, Seals, Hydraulic Cylinders

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Sydney’s Mobile Blasting Specialists


Quickblast Mobile Sandblasting is a Sydney based company that as its name suggests offers mobile sandblasting services.

According to the company’s website, they offer the following services, dry sandblasting and wet sandblasting.

The company based out of Campbelltown, Camden, Liverpool area Sydney’s south west specialise in large scale commercial works and structural steel as well small backyard work.

Sandblasting is also known as shot blasting, grit blasting and abrasive blasting. On the company’s website sandblasting is described as,

the act of propelling very fine bits of material at high-velocity to clean or etch a surface. Any small, relatively uniform particles will work, such as steel grit, recycled glass, garnet etc.

An abrasive, an air compressor, blast pot, hose and nozzle are used to conduct the sandblasting work on surfaces like swimming pools, brick work, render, sandstone, line markings. trucks and trailers, exposed concrete and to get rid of old protective coatings.

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Feature: Action Drill and Blast

blastingAction Drill and Blast is a large drilling and blasting company operating all around Australia.

Having been in existence for the last 5 years, the company has consistently delivered on its promises and has numerous successful projects under its belt.

The company claims on its website to aim for cost efficiency and ease on the clients behalf.

This is one of the biggest blasting companies in Australia which does have its benefits including the manpower and facilities to offer an “integrated, end-to-end drill and blast service”.

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Central Victorian Sandblasting Services

Abrasive-blasting-Campbells-Creek-480x480If you’re looking for abrasive blasting, spray painting and protective coating specialists in the Bendigo area, Central Victorian Sandblasting Services have been providing their services to towns across Central Victoria for the last 30 years.

According to their website, the company has 2 specialised factories in Bendigo, focussing on, on-site service.

The company can also boast being one of a few in the area with a confined space licence.

Central Victorian Sandblasting Services also provides a mobile blasting and painting service all across Central Victoria.

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